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Flying kilts at Seven Stars Resort

Turks and caicos 3209

Mary Martha and Alastair’s wedding at the Seven Stars Resorts was an Anglo-American match made in paradise. This jet set couple met in Thailand and travelled the world before selecting the amazing Grace Bay beach for their wedding day. With some Scottish heritage in Alastair’s family it was only right that he should wear the family tartan and wow what a colorful sight it made on the beach. It was only overshadowed by Mary Martha’s amazing dress from Katie May in Los Angeles. Makeup and hair was by Ann and Geraldine from Beauty and the Beach and it was great to see Ernst again from Environmental Arts. Pastor Padmore of course was perfection in officiating the ceremony. Naturally the whole day flowed effortless as Lynne from NILA Destinations kept things moving along and had the bride in fits of laughter. LOVE Alastair’s mum’s hat and his grandmothers fascinator.British style !

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