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From shore to distant shore

Being familiar with leaving family and starting a new life in a foreign country, I was well aware of the the potential obstacles Suzanne and Rob Doyle faced when planning their wedding from distant Tasman shores. It therefore certainly makes sense to have Nila Destination as your wedding planner to ensure that you can prioritize what’s important on your wedding day; namely each other, family and friends. Once again Nila out did themselves by taking care of the necessary essentials.
It also helps when you have friends who are brazen enough to realize that although Junkanoo are playing a few resorts down, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they’s consider an impromptu performance for the islands newest bride and groom. From the silky smooth sounds of the absolutely awesome band, Bowen Arrow to the high tempo Carribbean rhythm of Junkanoo, the atmosphere was a festive one that did not fail to impress. I trust Suzanne and Rob will approach their married life together with much the same enthusiasm as was displayed on their wedding day.