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A Gansevoort wedding for three underwater

Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos 0023

Marcus and Yael wanted their wedding to be partly underwater and what is special about this wedding is that this Gansevoort wedding was now for three underwater. Marcus and Yael are expecting a little one and without knowing it the baby is spoiled already with a trip to the Turks and Caicos and having a little swim at North West Point. It is so much fun to go the day after your wedding trashing your dress in the ocean, especially at North West Point where the beach is magnificient en the ocean is so clear. Lots of laughs of course, trying to stay underwater with a wedding dress is not always easy and we got this picture where the two of them are entangled in the wedding dress and look like a giant jelly fish. The Gansevoort wedding was topped off with a romantic dinner on the beach and a bonfire with a big comfy lounge chair. We hope we can the whole underwater shoot again but then with the little one as well, again many congratulations. Hair on wedding day and for shoot underwater done by Shenique from Sheque PerfectionWeddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0001

Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0002Gansevoort weddingWeddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0004Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0005Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0006Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0008Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0009Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0010Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0011Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0012Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0013Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0014Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0015Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0016Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0017Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0018Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0019Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0020                                                                                                          This would be a great announcement card for the baby

Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0021Gansevoort weddingWeddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0023Gansevoort weddingWeddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0025Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0026Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0027Gansevoort weddingGansevoort weddingWeddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0030Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0032Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0035Weddinggansevoortturksandcaicos_0033Gansevoort wedding