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Getting married at the Gansevoort….3 times

Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos 0002

Getting married at the Gansevoort….3 times. Phillip and Melanie came to the beautiful Gansevoort Resort to get married on October 15th. As all our couples, they want to have their wedding photos taken in the sun and the ceremony on the beach. The Gansevoort was ready, pastor Padmore was ready and so were we. We all could not wait to celebrate their wedding day here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. October 15th came and it was an absolute bad weather day,  rain pouring down, wind blowing hard, not your dream wedding day in the Caribbean. But the Turks and Caicos Islands are not named one of the best places for Destination Weddings without a reason. We were asked to move the wedding to the next day, the Gansevoort was able to change their itinerary and so was pastor Padmore. October 16th it is….or so we hoped. No, the weather had different plans. Maybe October 17th? Gansevoort… check, pastor Padmore…. check, photography….check. October 17th it is. We all woke up that morning and the weather was just gorgeous. Where can you find a destination with a resort and everybody else being so flexible, hours before the ceremony? I think only in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Gansevoort and pastor Padmore thank you for all your help and here are some of Phillip and Melanie’s wedding photos…..with lots of  sun and ending with a dramatic sky as a final bonus.Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0001                                                                         On a little side tour to Blue Hills before the ceremony. Loved Mel’s wedding dress!!Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0002Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0003Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0004

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Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0005Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0006Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0007Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0008Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0009Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0010Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0011Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0012                                                                        A gorgeous view from the lobby at the Gansevoort to the beachGansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0013                                                                         I had to shoot into the sun….just because it was finally shining brightly 🙂Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0014Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0015Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0016Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0017                                                                          Corona, please contact the models to use the images!Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0018                                                                         Yes……10-17-2013Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0019Gansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0020                                                                         Such a romantic set up at the pool in the GansevoortGansevoortweddingturksandcaicos_0021