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Heather and Paul’s wedding at Bay Bistro Beach

Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos 0022

You might remember Heather and Paul from their engagement shoot back in March. We were hiding behind a tree as Paul took a walk on the beach with Heather and had written ” Will you marry me” in the sand.  Seven months later they came back to the Turks and Caicos Islands to get married at the same spot where they got engaged. What I do remember from their engagement is that the two of them could not stop laughing, they were so happy. Guess what, at their wedding they laughed even more. Heather and Paul’s wedding at Bay Bistro Beach was just perfect, great weather and again the sky at the end of the day was gorgeous. Thank you Mary from Nila Destinations for planning their wedding so beautifully. We had the last sun rays of the day coming through in an amazing pattern, this was not done in Photoshop!  Bay Bistro prepared an intimate dinner on the beach for Heather and Paul and their friends. Heather and Paul see you at your one year anniversary and always be as happy as we know you.Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0001

Paul and Heather started getting ready and stayed at the Sands hotelBaybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0002Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0003Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0005Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0004Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0006Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0007

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Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0008Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0009Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0010Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0011Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0012Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0013Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0014I don’t know what Paul said, but loved the way Heather raised her eyebrow at him 🙂Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0015

We  love the ceremonies done by pastor Padmore, he was so perfect for this fun loving coupleBaybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0016Their first dance on the beach, how romantic is thatBaybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0017Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0018Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0019Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0020Baybistroweddingturksandcaicos_0021