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Kaylie and Sean’s Seven Stars Wedding

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I’ve been looking forward to Kaylie and Sean’s wedding for a while now.  Why? Well quite simple really – lovely couple, easy to chat with, great ideas for the wedding with some extra touches, Mary from NILA Destinations coordinating, Anne and Geraldine from Beauty & the Beach , the wedding at Seven Stars Resort  -so a great location, amazing rooms and a “well tuned team” for the F&B side, Ernst from Environmental Arts doing the flowers and setups, Corey Forbes and his band for live music…so LOTS of excellent people and a great team to play with.  Kaylie and Sean also went well out of their way to make sure that everyone – including all those above were well looked after and having a good time. So often the wedding is about “the couple only” (understandably) but their kindness did not go unnoticed by all involved. Rain did play its part in the day with on and off again showers. Luckily as it always seems to in Turks and Caicos it held off at the right moments to allow us a ceremony on the beach. Kaylie’s 100m dash in full wedding dress as the rain storm came rolling towards us along the far end of Grace Bay was spectacular. We made it with seconds to spare. A lovely wedding.

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