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Wedding at the Sands at Grace Bay

Turks and caicos 2142

A groom still in the pool with a cocktail less than an hour before the wedding; Pimms for the cocktail of choice after the ceremony and a dance floor and reception inches from the water on the beach – shouldn’t every wedding be like this? Kourtney and Glen’s Wedding at the Sands at Grace Bay was  a coming together of British humour and Texan hospitality and fun – something I can completely relate to.  With Mary from Nila Destinations keeping everything running smoothly and a reception catered by Kissing Fish it was a fabulous wedding. Flowers by the always amazing Environmental Arts. Icing on the cake? The rocking steel pan band from a local school that had people stopping on the beach to pause and listen…awesome.

Glen – a relaxed groom 😉

Turks and caicos__2117

love the way Kourtney’s flowers coordinated with everything.Turks and caicos__2118 Turks and caicos__2119 Turks and caicos__2120 Turks and caicos__2121 Turks and caicos__2122 Turks and caicos__2123 Turks and caicos__2124 Turks and caicos__2125

At this moment Dad waiting outside the room was more nervous than Kourtney..

Turks and caicos__2126

Beautiful grounds and flowers at the Sands on Grace Bay.Turks and caicos__2127 Turks and caicos__2128

Turks and caicos__2163
Turks and caicos__2130 Turks and caicos__2131 Turks and caicos__2132 Turks and caicos__2133

The steel pans give the setup such a Caribbean feel.Turks and caicos__2134 Turks and caicos__2135 Turks and caicos__2136 Turks and caicos__2137 Turks and caicos__2138 Turks and caicos__2139 Turks and caicos__2140 Turks and caicos__2141 Turks and caicos__2142 Turks and caicos__2143 Turks and caicos__2144 Turks and caicos__2145 Turks and caicos__2146 Turks and caicos__2147 Turks and caicos__2148 Turks and caicos__2149 Turks and caicos__2150 Turks and caicos__2151 Turks and caicos__2152 Turks and caicos__2153 Turks and caicos__2154 Turks and caicos__2155 Turks and caicos__2156 Turks and caicos__2157 Turks and caicos__2158 Turks and caicos__2159 Turks and caicos__2160 Turks and caicos__2161 Turks and caicos__2162