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Lana and Doug’s island elopement.

Turks and caicos 1093

Another fun island elopement from last week. We picked up Lana and Doug just after their wedding at the Beaches Resort to do a few pictures around the island. With only a hour to shoot due to some delays we moved fast and were able to capture some great pictures at the Villa Renaissance’s garden area before going to the beach for sunset.

Doug and Lana both work in video in the USA so were awesome to photograph and hang out with. We’d arranged to get hold of some sparklers  so “painting with light” the words LOVE on a windy beach was  a challenge but cool. So much fun to do. We were then able to pop over and do another a shoot a few days later to help them have a few extra pictures at some other island locations.

Turks and caicos__1078 Turks and caicos__1079 Turks and caicos__1080 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1082 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1084 Turks and caicos__1085 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1087 Turks and caicos__1088 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1090 Turks and caicos__1091 Turks and caicos__1092 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1094 Turks and caicos__1095 Turks and caicos__1096 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1098 Turks and caicos__1099 Turks and caicos__1100 Turks and caicos__1101 Turks and caicos__1102 Turks and caicos__1103 Turks and caicos__1104 Turks and caicos__1105 Island elopement Turks and caicos__1107