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Lauren and Dennis’ elegant Wedding Day,Beaches Resort & Spa

Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos is a lovely sprawling property and a resort we are very familiar with. I actually helped paint the walls of the original lobby back in 1997!! (another story). It’s always a pleasure to help couples that want “something special” above and beyond the “resort photography”.  Lauren, a bride with two sets of shoes for her wedding ;-), a first look (always a great idea), a beach wedding and then reception poolside under the stars  -what a perfect day it was.

One set of shoes for the reception, the other for the beach…makes sense to me ! Love the colors.

An emotional first look took nothing away from the ceremony a few minutes later on.

The Beaches Resort in turks and caicos has great garden areas which are perfect for family pictures.

Love the shadows..

Wedding days can be long and a modern bride needs all the energy she can get !

I turned around and Dennis had jumped up onto the fountain!

Happy smiling faces as the cocktails and reception gets underway.