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Layla and Paul at the Gansevoort

Last Friday Preston and I drove over to the Gansevoort for the wedding of Paul and Layla. I will confess to being a little nervous about shooting this wedding, as both Paul and Layla are very into photography, and were looking for something out of the ordinary.

And on top of that, I had been recommended to them by two good photographer friends of mine from their home-town of Gainesville, FL – Matt and Krystal Radlinski of Verve Studio, who will be shooting Paul and Layla’s reception when they get back home to Florida…As it happened I needn’t have worried – Paul and Layla were very relaxed, fun and easy to work with – so much so that we decided to add on a short “day after” session on Monday, so we could get some shots in daytime around the resort.

Anyway that’s enough chat from me – you want to see some pictures! Here’s a slideshow with a selection from both the wedding day and the “day after” shoot – and then a few of my favourite individual images.

Watch in HD on Vimeo.

This first image is actually a montage – the painting is only three panels wide so I shot Paul and Layla individually and then composited the two images afterwards.

In case you’re wondering, this next one was shot through a glass sliding door…

These next two were shot in one of the hallways of the resort…

And these are from the “day after” shoot

So a big thank you to Paul and Layla for making the wedding such a fun and memorable one for me.

And as a PS: this is my last wedding shoot in Turks & Caicos before I head back to the UK to set up my own photo business, so I’d also like to thank my brother Andy, my sister-in-law Krys, and everyone at Tropical Imaging for an exciting and happy seven years in Turks & Caicos – I will miss not seeing you all each day, but I will be back for vacations I’m sure!