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Lora and Samuel’s sunrise wedding

It doesn’t happen every day that a bride wakes up at 4:30AM to start getting ready for her wedding… but a little sacrifice becomes a pleasure when you celebrate the beginning of new life with the first ray of sunshine. A double espresso helped me 😉

Lora and Samuel got married on the beautiful Long Bay beach at sunrise – after a stormy night, the beach looked amazing and the ocean was calm and stunning.

While most people were still in their deep sleep, the emotion was rising and the last details were prepared

Dan, Samuel’s brother, celebrated the short and sweet ceremony

While the sun was still hiding behind the clouds, we took advantage of the soft light for some family pictures

A double rainbow – what a blessing!

Once the family and friends went to enjoy a deserved breakfast, Lora and Samuel took a tour around the island to capture some more images of this memorable day

Cheshire Hall – an old cotton plantation and a picture perfect background

I love this shot of Lora – Modern Bride or Vanity Fair?

Next stop: Sapodilla Bay

Samuel could not have picked a better pair of sunglasses 🙂

When the sun is hot and bright it becomes impossible to look at the camera without squinting… no problem, the “looking down” shots look so cool and intimate