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A lovely Gansevoort wedding in the Turks and Caicos Islands

A Gansevoort wedding to dream about.

When we met with this bridal couple it was immediately clear that they just wanted to have fun and spend a great wedding day with their friends here in the Turks and Caicos Islands, completely relaxed.  We wandered around the beautiful gardens of the Gansevoort and ended up for the ceremony on Grace Bay Beach. The Gansevoort had arranged a private dinner on the beach complete with lounge beds, champagne and a bonfire. A tip from David for when you have to kiss your bride…you need to smell good. A tip from us for David, a little bit more practice on how to pick up a bride would have been handy. David and Becky you were a joy to photograph on your wedding day and come back to the Turks and Caicos Islands soon!


Gansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos Gansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos 002

Make up and hair by SheniqueGansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos 003 Gansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos 004 Gansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos 005 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands006 Gansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos 007 Gansevoort Wedding Turks and Caicos 008 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands009 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands010 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands011 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands012

Of course…..when you kiss her the first time as your wife, you have to have a fresh breath 🙂

gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands013 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands014 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands015Let’s try and pick up the bride one more time guys gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands016 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands017 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands018  gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands020 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands021 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands022  gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands024

gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands023 gansevoortweddingturksandcaicosislands025