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Megan and Jon’s fun wedding at Beaches Resort & Spa.

Turks and caicos 0103

Even though we’ve helped with hundreds weddings at Beaches Resort & Spa over the years every wedding is different and unique. It’s easy to say that all weddings follow the same pattern, have similar moments and at popular resorts they use the same locations, same ceremony areas, same ministers saying the same vows as last week. Boring right? Well no ! Especially when you have couples like Megan and Jon, with a wild and fun loving group of friends and family who are delighted to help them celebrate this special day.

A wedding at Beahces can happen at any time of day, unlike at other resorts where they only have one a day and tend to have them 90 minutes before sunset or so. Whilst a ceremony at 1pm is hot, hot, hot and has very unforgiving light (for photography), it also means, vivid colours, colourful backdrops and stunning blue water.

Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0054 Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0056 Turks and caicos_0057 Turks and caicos_0058 Turks and caicos_0059 Turks and caicos_0060


The garden areas at Beaches are really very well manicured given it hardly ever rains in Turks and Caicos !Turks and caicos_0061

The boys!Turks and caicos_0062 Turks and caicos_0063 Turks and caicos_0064 Turks and caicos_0065

Love, the love !Turks and caicos_0066 Turks and caicos_0067 Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0069 Turks and caicos_0070 Turks and caicos_0071 Wedding at beaches Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0074 Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0076 Turks and caicos_0077 Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0079 Turks and caicos_0080 Turks and caicos_0081 Turks and caicos_0082 Turks and caicos_0083 Turks and caicos_0084 Turks and caicos_0085 Turks and caicos_0086

After the reception, cake and first dance, before everyone went off to take  a break before the evening festivities, we took the wedding party down to the beach. HA HA- so much fun to walk through a packed resort with a bride and groom and hear the cheers, the clapping the “congratulations” from everyone – really fun.

Turks and caicos_0087

Whilst teh boys were still sorting out shoes, the girls were straight into the water to cool off and started “striking a pose”!Turks and caicos_0088 Turks and caicos_0089 Turks and caicos_0090 Wedding at beaches

A fun one to photoshop a “horror” monster into later perhaps?Turks and caicos_0092 Turks and caicos_0093 Turks and caicos_0094 Turks and caicos_0103
Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0097 Wedding at beaches Turks and caicos_0099

Turks and caicos_0102Turks and caicos_0101Wedding at beaches