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Natural and Relaxed Wedding Photography

With years of experience in Caribbean destination wedding photography, we specialize in all different types of photo shoots. There are quite a few different wedding styles, but they generally fall into the categories of traditional, contemporary, documentary or artistic. Some professional photographers specialize on one particular type of wedding photography, while others offer a variety of styles depending on what the couple wants.

Yes! We Specialize in Capturing Your Best Wedding Moments

You’ll see from this wedding portfolio how spectacular your special day can be. We will provide you with a natural set of wedding photographs that bring out your most relaxed and natural self. You get many options when it comes to choosing the style of your wedding photography. Check out the following two wedding styles to see how fun and natural your photographs can be:

Contemporary Wedding


Contemporary destination wedding photography requires a little bit of preparation, and these photo shoots are so much fun you’ll look back on them as some of the best moments of your life. Want to look like a movie star? We specialize in capturing those special moments that other photographers miss. You’ll get a set of photographs that will dazzle your friends, almost as if you stepped off the set of a magazine wedding photo shoot. This type of wedding photo shoot captures the big moments of your day. However, to really capture the entire day at its best, you may want to consider our next option:

Wedding Documentary

Documentary style photos

Documentary photography for your wedding allows you to be even more relaxed on your special day. Our wedding photographers fade into the background, and there is very little photographer interaction during the event. This is considered a candid or hands-off approach to wedding photography. Our photographers are like a fly on the wall. You get complete freedom of movement during your ceremony and reception. You’ll also be able to capture a very unique set of surprises and serendipitous moments.

It’s these two types of photography that allow a more natural flow throughout the day and produce a natural and relaxed set of photographs for your wedding album and personal archives. It’s up to you to determine just how much preparation you would like to put into your photographs. Discuss your dream scenario with us so we can ensure you get the style and look you want most during your destination wedding experience. Let us show you samples so you can see for yourself which photography style will work best. Just contact us by email, phone or by filling out a form on this page: