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Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding – Palms Resort Wedding

Turks and caicos 4699

Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding – Wedding Day. We were all looking forward to this wedding for weeks! With such a fabulous day yesterday on the boat and then during the cocktail party, we knew that the wedding day was going to be fun. Vanessa and Chuck have such a great family and group of friends and it was lovely to see so many able to come to Turks and Caicos and help them celebrate. It was also a wedding full of emotion – so much laughter and smiles and also tears of happiness and that was even before the ceremony started….awesome wedding. You will see so many pictures of smiles, hugs, laughing and joy and whilst this wedding was full of amazing details, flowers, table settings, music and locations it was the people that made this wedding so very special.

More examples of Teresa’s  hand painted welcome signs that were throughout the wedding and reception.

Turks and caicos__4654 Turks and caicos__4655 Turks and caicos__4656 Turks and caicos__4657


Love the “getting ready “PJs” and those shoes !!

Turks and caicos__4661

Turks and caicos__4658 Turks and caicos__4659 Turks and caicos__4660 Turks and caicos__4663 Turks and caicos__4664 Turks and caicos__4665 Turks and caicos__4666 Turks and caicos__4667


Shenique was on hand to help with the hair and makeup. yes bridesmaids (and bridesman) doing pushups. I forget how it started….Turks and caicos__4668 Turks and caicos__4669

Jimmy Choo’s, and  dancing on tables…..umm of course ~!Turks and caicos__4670 Turks and caicos__4671 Turks and caicos__4672 Turks and caicos__4673 Turks and caicos__4674 Turks and caicos__4675 Turks and caicos__4676 Turks and caicos__4677 Turks and caicos__4678 Turks and caicos__4679 Turks and caicos__4680 Turks and caicos__4681 Turks and caicos__4682

Such great dresses – perfect.Turks and caicos__4683 Turks and caicos__4684 Turks and caicos__4685 Turks and caicos__4686 Turks and caicos__4687 Palms resort wedding Turks and caicos__4689 Turks and caicos__4690 Turks and caicos__4691 Turks and caicos__4692 Turks and caicos__4693 Turks and caicos__4694 Turks and caicos__4695 Turks and caicos__4696 Palms resort wedding Turks and caicos__4698 Turks and caicos__4699 Palms resort wedding

The junkanoo band came to take everyone from the beach to the spa for the reception.Turks and caicos__4701 Turks and caicos__4702 Turks and caicos__4703 Turks and caicos__4704 Turks and caicos__4705 Turks and caicos__4706 Palms resort wedding Turks and caicos__4708 Turks and caicos__4709 Palms resort wedding Turks and caicos__4711 Turks and caicos__4712 Turks and caicos__4713 Turks and caicos__4714