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Parents albums

We know you love them… you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them! They taught you how to become a woman / man (even when you thought you knew everything!), they cry and laugh with you, they care about you and love you unconditionally. Oh, I almost forgot, they often pay for your wedding too! Your big day is as special for your parents as it is for you – it’s time to say “Thank You”.

To remember your wedding day and keep an extra little bit of you in their home (soon you will be busy running around your own kids!), we created a special book only for Mom & Dad: classy, elegant, leather bounded, affordable, our 8×8 (10×10 cover size) PARENTS ART BOOK will collect their favorite 30 images and make them smile.

This wasn’t our idea but yours (every single bride and groom married in the past 10 years asked about a Parents Album) – just grab it!

Please contact Ileana at for more information and prices