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A petals explosion

Can a wedding be extremely rich of details and special moments and still be called “simple”?!? When I first talked to Rowelle she defined her special day as a casual, fun event and she surprised me (and all her guests) with so many unique touches, truly memorable.

Rowelle and Dennis honored her Filipino heritage with traditional symbols and dedications during the ceremony: the veil, the cord, the poems and prayer; and they spiced up their reception with special dances and music. It was a double celebration: the union of 2 people as well as the union of 2 cultures and families.

The ring holder, the boutonnieres, the shirts, the pants roll, the gifts… everything was perfectly studied

After a few shots in the room (that was an hilarious preparation!), I took Dennis and the boys in the garden area of The Sands to grab a few photos

The guys were proud to wear their brand new glasses – good call Dennis!

And in the next building it was time for the bride to get ready

2 beautiful portrait of Rowelle

I capture this shot on the beach while the groom was waiting for the bride – I love how in his glasses you see the groomsmen and the guests

Diane and the Island Harmony team are always impeccable on the organization and such a great help for the couple

Rowelle and Dennis dedicated a moment of silence and prayer to their grandparents, offering two flowers to the ocean

So cute!!!!!

Diane and Jack planted their garden with one idea in mind… I believe not a single bougainvillea petal is left on the trees after this

Can you spot the “quite” one of the group?!?

My focus is always on the bride… but the guys were stilling the show!

Forget the blue water for a moment and “take a step in the past”

One of my favorite image of the day

One last shot before a sporadic cloud chose to refresh the night with a downpour.. great call Dennis, if it wasn’t for your call we would have been so wet!

A wedding cake? Yes, but also cupcakes, brownies, cookies and sweet cocktails. Just call Kissing Fish

Planning the first dance before dinner is a great idea – what better way to start the party?