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A rocking seven stars resort wedding

Seven stars wedding 0026

From the moment we met Heather it was clear that she was going to “rock” her seven stars resort wedding. Full of energy and life  and a passion for photography she was so much fun to be with and to co-create the pictures you see below. I cannot take credit for the pictures as so much of what you see is Heather. In many ways my job on her wedding day was to stay out of the way and let her love and personality shine through.

Heather charmed everyone she met. Laura from Seven Stars hung out in the room along with Shenique who did AMAZING makeup and even came down to the beach ceremony afterwards to watch and hangout. We drank champagne, we laughed – it was a blast.

Heather also sent us a very kind email after the wedding –

Hi Andy and Preston! Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for photographing and filming our wedding yesterday! You two ROCK! I was serious when I said you are the reason why we chose to marry in TCI. You belong in New York, Paris and Milan with your skills … but thankfully for us, you are here! Also, I’m grateful for you putting Scott at ease. He felt comfortable with both of you, and I’m certain the pictures will show that. 

Thank you again! I’m so fortunate to have you document our wedding!

Picture time 😉

Seven stars wedding Seven stars wedding Seven stars wedding_0006 Seven stars wedding_0007 Seven stars wedding_0008 Seven stars wedding_0009

So many great smiles..

Seven stars wedding_0010 Seven stars wedding_0011

Shoes – not worn – just for pictures 😉Seven stars wedding_0012 Seven stars wedding_0013 Seven stars wedding_0014 Seven stars wedding_0015 Seven stars wedding_0016

We popped over to see Scott and to deliver his wedding gift on behalf of Heather – he loved it.

Seven stars wedding_0017 Seven stars wedding_0018 Seven stars wedding_0019 Seven stars wedding_0020 Seven stars wedding Seven stars wedding_0022 Seven stars wedding_0023 Seven stars wedding_0024 Seven stars wedding

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Seven stars wedding_0026

Laura helps with the dress in the Seven Stars elevator – love the reflections.

Seven stars wedding_0027 Seven stars wedding_0028 Seven stars wedding Seven stars wedding_0030

Had to do this one “BIG”!Seven stars wedding_0031 Seven stars wedding_0032 Seven stars wedding_0033 Seven stars wedding_0034 Seven stars wedding_0035 Seven stars wedding_0036

Seven stars wedding_0037 Seven stars wedding_0038 Seven stars wedding_0039

Seven stars wedding_0040

The shoot was over, we were heading back up to the reception, heather  and scott paused to watch the last rays from the sunset and heather leaned against the wedding arch..

Seven stars wedding_0041 Seven stars wedding_0042 Seven stars wedding_0043

Again had to go big…Seven stars wedding_0044

Seven stars wedding_0045 Seven stars wedding_0046 Seven stars wedding_0047