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Sara and Clive’s ClubMed Wedding

Turks and caicos 2784

A simple two person ClubMed Wedding was a riot of color. When we met up with Sara and Clive before their wedding they pointed out a beautiful flame tree that they wanted to include. So we arranged a bit of a “first look” before the wedding so we could include it in the pictures.. After that we headed off on an island tour capturing some great spots we know around the island. We even had time to stop off for a quick rum punch at the Conch Shak. It’s great that the island is so compact and allows us to show it off and still only be 10 minutes away from where the wedding will be. (so much less stress than worrying about “traffic” !) We were back to ClubMed for the ceremony on the beach as the sun was setting and a few moments together before they headed off to Grace Bay club for an intimate dinner for two. Awesome.

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