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Jamie and Daniel’s Seven Stars Wedding.

Turks and caicos 4232

Plans change. They simply do and there is often not much that you can do about it. We had all been nervously looking out the window for two days hoping that the clouds would part and the rain would stop in time for Jamie and Daniel’s Seven Stars Wedding. There were times that the sky seemed to get brighter. Would the sun come out? Jamie and Daniel were not phased at all; it was remarkable. I’ve seen many brides over the last 20 years get (quite rightly) emotional and a little sad when it rains and its was really raining, horizontal at times. Jamie in particular was taking it all in her stride and was carrying on regardless. Fabulous. Love it. Shenique finished with the makeup, Ernst arrived with the flowers it was soon time to go to “plan B” and use a balcony on a higher floor for the wedding. The beach was sadly a “no go” with the rain , wind and waves making it deserted. Pastor Padmore conducted the service and then for some pictures. We managed to squeeze in a few in the garden areas, nipping in and out from umbrellas and trying to minimize the rain and drips on Daniel’s shirt, but then we went for it. To the beach !  With rain pouring off everything we stood proudly on the beach and did the pictures we wanted to do. HUGE kudos to Jamie and Daniel for this, nothing was going to stand in their way….awesome.   We hope that perhaps they might come back for an anniversary trip one year and we can show them how Turks looks in the sunshine!

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