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Soraya & Zakir’s Grace Bay Club Wedding pt 2

Soraya & Zakir’s Grace Bay Club Wedding continued with a picture perfect sunny day.  Lots of fun with all the family buzzing in and out of the room as everyone got ready under the supervision of Shenique, followed by a lovely ceremony on the beach with Pastor Padmore. Flowers by Environmental Arts as always and a reception at the Grill with music to dance the night away. Really lovely.

Soraya & Zakir’s Grace Bay Club Wedding continued with a picture perfect sunny day.

turks and caicos__1957 turks and caicos__1961 turks and caicos__1962

Zakir was in the room too to start off with – always those last minute details to sort out, plus a thank you speech.

turks and caicos__1958 turks and caicos__1959 turks and caicos__1960 turks and caicos__1963

We have such amazing light in Turks and Caicos.turks and caicos__1964


Shenique applying the final touches to Soraya’s makeup.turks and caicos__1965 turks and caicos__1966 turks and caicos__1967 turks and caicos__1968 turks and caicos__1969 turks and caicos__1970 turks and caicos__1971 turks and caicos__1972 turks and caicos__1973 turks and caicos__1974 turks and caicos__1975

The best wedding team at a resort in Turks and Caicos? Shameka from Grace Bay Club and Pastor Padmore.turks and caicos__1976 turks and caicos__1977 turks and caicos__1978 turks and caicos__1979 turks and caicos__1980 turks and caicos__1981 turks and caicos__1982 turks and caicos__1983 turks and caicos__1984 turks and caicos__1985 turks and caicos__1986 turks and caicos__1987

With our cooling tradewinds the beach at sunset is just perfect. LOVE the dress floating in the wind..turks and caicos__1988 turks and caicos__1989 turks and caicos__1990 turks and caicos__1991 turks and caicos__1992 turks and caicos__1993 turks and caicos__1994 turks and caicos__1995 turks and caicos__1996 turks and caicos__1997 turks and caicos__1998 turks and caicos__1999 turks and caicos__2000