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susan and steve’s grace bay club wedding

Turks and caicos 0354

Susan and Steve’s Grace Bay Club wedding was right in the path of Tropical Storm Bertha last weekend. All the forecasts from Wunderground, Weather Channel, Yahoo all put the rain to start right as the ceremony was due!! Welcome to August !!  As it turned out the storm slowed down and the weather was sunshine and clear skies. Both Susan and steve took all this extra “stress” with remarkable panache and focussed on the ceremony and bringing their two families together. Mom’s, brothers, sister and grown kids on both sides they made the day fun, unique and a perfect destination wedding – low key, relaxed and surrounded by the people they care most about. As Steve said to me beforehand “everyone here is important to us”.

Turks and caicos__0327 Turks and caicos__0328 Turks and caicos__0329 Turks and caicos__0330

The modern bride?  Asics and Manolo Blahnik !!

Turks and caicos__0331

Yes we started late 😉  EVERY wedding does, but it was so much fun hanging out with everyone. Both Steve and Susan got ready together which just meant we started the “party” earlier !

Turks and caicos__0332 Turks and caicos__0333 Grace bay club wedding

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Turks and caicos__0335 Turks and caicos__0336 Grace bay club wedding


Grace Bay Club delivered some fab snacks for everyone.Turks and caicos__0338 Turks and caicos__0339

Not seeing each other all day before the wedding versus moments like this? Thoughts? Comments?

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moms 😉Turks and caicos__0345 Turks and caicos__0346 Grace bay club wedding

Today’s modern wedding accessory ! iphone

Turks and caicos__0348 Turks and caicos__0349 Turks and caicos__0350 Turks and caicos__0351Turks and caicos__0352 Grace bay club wedding Turks and caicos__0354

Love the three brothers together…

Turks and caicos__0355

With all the “kids” !Grace bay club wedding Turks and caicos__0357 Turks and caicos__0358 Turks and caicos__0359 Turks and caicos__0360 Turks and caicos__0361 Turks and caicos__0362 Turks and caicos__0363Turks and caicos__0365 Turks and caicos__0366 Grace bay club wedding Turks and caicos__0368 Turks and caicos__0369