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Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding -The final BBQ and more.

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Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding – The final BBQ and more. After the amazing wedding the day before plus the cocktail party and boat trip the final piece of the puzzle was a relaxing beach BBQ at the lovely Palms resort. With the wedding DJ playing some great music, food and drinks on hand it was a very fun, casual beach afternoon.  Guests at the wedding, family, the wedding party and the couple themselves quiet rightly, all indulged in doing very little. A little swimming and hanging out in the turquoise water, some beach games – awesome –  it was the perfect way to wrap up a fantastic weekend of fun.

For a few Steeler’s fans though there was the not so insignificant event of a playoff game that late PM. Teresa has taken this to a whole new level and set up a perfect “gameday” setup within the resort with big screen snacks and bar service. As another amazing surprise she also had one of the steelers players record a wedding message for Vanessa and Chuck which completely blew them away and really was the “icing on the cake” for this wonderful wedding weekend.

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