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The Wedding of Aleisa and Rashad

We love to shoot events on the beach however, once in a while, it’s an honor to capture a local wedding: hundreds of elegant guests, beautiful traditions, a full church ceremony, a big bridal party, songs, dances and much more.

Tropical Storm Isaac tried to crash the party but the doors were shut. The gorgeous couple, Aleisa and Rashad, had a wonderful day, shared with family and friends

Those 10 handsome men were so much fun

Rashad and the guys – this is definitely one of my favorite image of the day

The man of the hour… looking like a super classy movie star

A stunning dress

for a fabulous bride

No time for pictures, she has to get married!

A buys church can be a challenge to photograph

but we are full of resources 🙂

A few formal shots on the Regent Palms‘ courtyard

and some private time for the bride and groom

This is how you make an entrance!

Lots of toasts – so much fun!

There is no way you could get bored at this wedding!

Do you want to get the bouquet and the garter? You’ve go to fight for it!

And finally some wild dancing time – I can’t wait to see the video 🙂