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The Wedding of Heather and Tim – Grand Turk

Grand Turk, the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, recently became the hot port of call for many Caribbean cruises. Thousands of people have the chance to sunbathe on miles of quiet sugary beaches and explore this unique piece of paradise. Heather and Tim chose to make this cruise spot really special by pronouncing their wedding vows on a pristine stretch of sand, joined only by their beautiful 5 kids and the friendly Pastor Chad.

A few emails, a couple of fun ideas, some organization and the big day started as planned and finished even better…

It’s always fantastic to fly over the island – this is Grant Turk: six miles long and just over a mile wide

After meeting Pastor Chad and explore a couple of ceremony options, I picked up bride, groom and the family from the cruise ship terminal. Let’s the fun begin!

Not exactly like getting married at city-hall

The red windows of the Anglican Church added  a touch of color to the perfect background

Pastor Chad is truly amazing… he even took the initiative to print out a beautiful program for them (luckily he made several copies as I dropped mine in the water)

Heather and Tim washed each other feet during the ceremony – so personal and special

I love the reflection on Kyle’ sunglasses

After dropping the kids back to the cruise center (the ocean was calling them for a swim), I took the newlyweds for a photographic tour of the island

The magic view offered by the northeast point of the island : the lighthouse

Donkeys, horses and cattle were the means of transportation during the salt industry – these animals are seen still wondering the island streets – how fun!

A last splash in the water…

…and back to the ship for a new adventure