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The wedding of Karen Misick and Jorrit de Jong in Samoens, France

On April 1st we flew into Geneva in Switzerland to start our journey to the absolute gorgeous village of Samoens in the Alpes region of France. This picturesque village in the valley, surrounded by snow topped mountains, was our backdrop for the wedding of Karen and Jorrit. Karen is from the Turks and Caicos Islands and Jorrit is from the Netherlands and they fell in love with Samoens. There was no other place they could think of to get married. Their family and friends flew in from all over the world and spend a couple of weeks experiencing all the winter activities as well as the fabulous French Cuisine. On their wedding day, we went up the ski hills at a level of 1600 meters, where we took pictures with Karen and Jorrit in the snow. Their wedding attire… an amazing wedding gown, made by Karen’s sister, and a suit with snow boots. We loved,loved shooting this wedding, the surroundings, the amazing couple and we don’t think we have ever posted a wedding in the snow before. Karen and Jorrit congratulations again and wishing you a life full of happiness.

The view from the bathroom at the chalet in SamoensThe botanical gardens in Samoens