The Wedding of Kelly and Wilson at Beaches Turks and Caicos

To avid readers of this blog – you know why we cannot shoot all the time at Beaches, but do help lots of brides by going outside the resort.

There is always an exception to the rule and, if you really want it, you will get it: Kellie and Wilson included me in their guests list and I was able to cover their beautiful and fun wedding.

With 11 kids in the crowd, posed and traditional pictures were fast forgotten… what a great day!

Martha Stewart is the queen of style and wedding decorations – simple but stunning

Wilson is such a charismatic and charming man. Taking his pictures? A piece of cake!

A little touch of blush for the oldest daughter, Avery

Can you believe those flowers are fake? They felt and smell so real!

Diane, Kelly’s mom, kindly put them on water for the night 🙂

After 8 years spent together and 3 adorable daughters, it’s time to say “I do”

A couple of formal shots…

…and finally the fun starts!

This little guy is hilarious and he has the biggest passion for tiny hoovers – in 20 years he’s going to be the most desirable man he keeps cleaning like that!

Finally all alone (not for too long!)

The first dance… with a little, cute extra, Addison

Surprise, surprise, a fire dancer… I love this sequence and Kelly’s face in the background

Stay tuned, the Trash the dress shoot of Kelly and Wilson is coming soon…