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Trash the dress on your 10th anniversary.

Trash the dress

We’ve had a “flurry” of returning families and couples this past week which has been lovely. Debby and Patrice were married in Turks and Caicos ten years ago at the Point Grace resort.  They have been frequent visitors to TCI over the years and followed our blog so on their tenth anniversary  a “Trash the Dress” shoot and a renewal of vows was on the cards.  The shoots were on two separate days so we picked up everyone and helped with a few family pictures before they headed off to the Beaches resort for their ceremony and then a few days later we did part two with just the two of them. So great to catch up again. The kids were awesome, the family happy to be driven around to some fun locations and I LOVE the shots of the two of them on Taylor Bay – a special place for them… The waves and wind were not too co-operative for the underwater shots and trying to get underwater in a wedding dress that traps air is a crazy difficult task as times (so I’ve been told!!)

Turks and caicos__1109 Turks and caicos__1110 Turks and caicos__1111 Turks and caicos__1112 Turks and caicos__1113 Turks and caicos__1114 Turks and caicos__1115 Turks and caicos__1116 Turks and caicos__1117 Turks and caicos__1118 Turks and caicos__1119 Turks and caicos__1120 Turks and caicos__1121 Turks and caicos__1122 Turks and caicos__1123 Turks and caicos__1124 Turks and caicos__1125 Turks and caicos__1126 Turks and caicos__1127 Turks and caicos__1129 Turks and caicos__1130

Turks and caicos__1139

Turks and caicos__1131 Turks and caicos__1132 Turks and caicos__1133 Turks and caicos__1134 Turks and caicos__1135 Turks and caicos__1136 Turks and caicos__1137 Turks and caicos__1138