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would you trash your wedding dress?

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Why would you trash your wedding dress? There are a number of reasons to choose the Turks and Caicos Islands as your destination of choice. The fact that it ticks many boxes for people looking for the ultimate getaway along some of the best beaches in the world makes it an easy choice for those who are fortunate enough to join us in paradise.
I’m always interested to find out where our wedding couples intend spending their honeymoon. Where else would you have in mind to top your wedding destination? Kimber Meletzke and Adam Gaige decided to spend a week on a live-aboard diving charter with the intention of indulging themselves in world class diving.
With an insatiable spirit for adventure and both being lovers of the ocean, they also decided to do a trash the dress shoot upon their return to the island. It is an excellent way to get the most out of a dress that will most probably never be worn again. I was therefore able to get some alone time with them at the beautiful Regent Grand before taking them to Turtle Cove for some fun time in the surf. Contrary to the term, we never really trash your wedding dress. It is simply a phrase we’ve borrowed to represent a next day shoot with a newly married couple, where we end up submerging them in crystal clear Caribbean water to forever capture the dress in a unique and interesting way. It is always done in calm, shallow water with the knowledge that the dress can easily be professionally dry cleaned to its former glory.
Another box ticked.
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