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Turks and Caicos, Grace Bay Club, Alison and Nikheel’s wedding day

It’s been a very busy few weeks with the holiday rush, but also the 12.12.12 wedding date that had the whole island caught up in “wedding fever”. I’ve been looking forward to Alison and Nikheel’s wedding for many months now and cannot believe it came so soon. This was always going to be an “event” given the popularity of the couple and connections both personal and professional across the Turks and Caicos. However they still managed to keep it personal and special to them which was quite an achievement and is reflected in the genuine smiles and expressions you’ll see in their wedding photographs.

With both myself and Craig covering the wedding we were able to be in all the right laces and capture the fun. This really was a fun wedding. Low stress with Shameka and the team from the resort and “Got u Covered”  taking care of things. But really everyone took their cue from Alison and Nikheel who were simply  enjoying themselves,  the moment and this special day.