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Turks and Caicos Islands, Parrot Cay, Victoria and Charles’ Wedding Day

During the winter season with sunset at 5pm it’s possible to catch a boat over to the lovely Parrot Cay in the early afternoon and jump on a staff boat that leaves about ten minutes after sunset ! Perfect! For smaller weddings, elopements, a family portraits it’s ideal. For Victoria and Charles’ wedding the gorgeous sunset was one of the best I have seen in years and almost made me miss the boat back ! Having suffered through the ups and downs of Sandy, both Victori and Charles were clearly just happy to be able to relax on this lovely island and enjoy the moment.

LOVE these two pictures of Victoria….

EVERY wedding needs a golf cart at some point..just so much fun getting from place to place..

Even minutes before sunset the ocean is a lovely shade of blue!

So we started doing a few sunset pictures, then thought we’d wait a few minutes for the sun to drop lower in the sky..

Victoria and Charles grab some champagne – I caught Reka, the Parrot Cay Wedding coordinator with the flowers!

POW – the sunset just got better and better and better!

Only at certain times of the year (like now! in late nov!) – does the sun set right on the water’s edge…