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Turks and Caicos Islands, The Veranda Resort, Eileen and Doug’s Wedding day

It was eight years ago that Doug first visited Turks and Caicos for a friends wedding. He then met Eileen and when the wedding plans started to come together they just couldn’t find that perfect spot that they could both agree on. They are beach people, they wanted relaxed with no fuss; a place they could just “chill”. Turks and Caicos popped into Doug’s head and it was a “done deal 😉

Having spent some time with Eileen I went to find Doug, only to find them watching the FIFA European Cup final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. It was a draw even after extra time and they were into a penalty shoot-out as I arrived in the room…so we watched the game !!!!! Luckily it was over quickly – go Chelsea!

Lovey Forbes was providing music – great stuff.

Love the smiles..