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Turks and Caicos Islands Villas at Blue Mountain, Stephanie and Erik

Villa weddings are always fun. Often smaller more intimate destination weddings, they lend themselves to a slower pace, more personal and always unique.

The villas at Blue Mountain are breath taking with panoramic views, a private beach, hammock amongst the palms…perfect.

Combine this with a quick trip to Sapodilla for the  sunset setting over the water and we had the perfect combination.

Lovely Blue Mountain Villas.

One of the most important things for Stephanie was not squinting on the beach AND having blue water in the background. A hard combination typically but we helped her with the wedding timings so that the shadow on the beach and sun hitting the water would make it work !

The private beach…

and then some fun in the hammock…

laughter is SEXY..

Brides often comment on that in Turks and Caicos unmarried women are called spinsters!

Had we just stayed at the villa the sun would have gone behind the hill and it would be just dark shadows.. but on the south side of the island “ten minutes away in our van” – gorgeous! (local knowledge at its best!)