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Turks and Caicos, Parrot Cay, Vicki and James’ Wedding day

The  wedding of James and Vicki  was a “perfect storm”.

A cool couple that had bucket loads of fun, an open willingness to try it all and the trust to us “do our thing”. Add to that one of the top five resorts in the world and you have a shoot that was just fun, fun, fun.


We had arranged to meet James and Vicki 45 mins before there ceremony time near the resort’s lobby for a few pictures before going to the beach.

With bright sunshine of one side of the building and shade on the other – perfect for two totally different “looks”..

Having scouted the resort a few minutes before Vicki and James showed up I saw the shadows on the wall from the palm trees. Could we try….?? they said yes!!

Spot the dancer…wow…love the light and shoes!

It was then into a golf cart for a quick trip to the ruined, genuine pirate’s house….

(I first did a shoot there for Robert and Katherine’s wedding in October 2008  – who by chance were also on Parrot Cay that same day for a belated anniversary and were on the same boat back that night!…small world!)

Such a fun place..

Using the iphone as a quick mirror and makeup check – isn’t there an app for that?? 😉

Will a “first look” or pre-ceremony shoot spoil the reaction and moment when you walk down the aisle? Don’t think so …..;-)

One of my favorite images from a day of many..

Some champagne, a little hanging out on the beach…..very relaxed..

For the technical – I played with the lighting a little using the sunshine as a back light and off camera flash….really liked it! Love the dress!

Two images taken one after the other – just as the sun was setting..

Vicki did an amazing spin in her dress – then they both ran off…Preston and I literally could not keep up !! WOW.

Still looking great !! We  left Vicki and James to have a few more cocktails before dinner as we headed back to the dock to catch the boat back to Provo…phew !

Not bad for two hours !!