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Turks and Caicos Viila Patricia, Kristi and Mike’s Wedding day

Kristi and Mike’s wedding was a lovely event organized by the always awesome Beatrix and the team from NILA Destinations.

Coming a week after Hurricane Irene passed by a few minor alterations to the plans had to be made, but it was still a lovely cliff top ceremony for just the two of them.

We then used our van to take them (and the champagne) down to Sapodilla Bay for sunset.



With a the huge amount of rain that came with the storm the mosquitoes were in a word “fierce”!!! So it was a quick “in and out” to get Mike’s picture 😉

A passing rain cloud “spritzed” the area – actually enhancing the ring shot!


Kristi works at UNC – so “tar heel” colored nail polish was in order!

Lovely light coming through the windows over looking the pool.

With Rev Howell officiating it was just the two of them over looking the south side of the island and the wonderful view.

Kristi had been doing a lot of research online for the wedding and really wanted to go to the “Sharkbite” resturant to get a T-shirt – but as September is the “slow season” they had shut a few days earlier.

One of the joys of living on such a small island is that everyone knows everyone – so Beatrix and Lynn were able to get in touch with the restaurant and surprise Kristi and mike with a hat and shirt.

Great moment!

A picture paints a “thousand words” – as it turned out – the bugs were not as bad on Sapodilla Bay (why we chose it!) and so the bug juice stayed in the bucket for most of the shoot.

I’m happy to say that within a few days the mozzies had died down as they always seem to do !