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The Wedding of Courtney and George

Breathtaking! The bride, the groom, the all wedding. Courtney and George got married on the pristine beach of the The Sands resort  on a full moon night, starting a new married life as beautiful as the two of them.

Courtney mentioned they haven’t taken professional pictures probably since high-school and I may have some less than flattering shots – are you kidding me?!? Looking at this couple is pure eye’s candies!

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Most guys are completely ready once we arrive in the room – it was fun to get their last minute preparation for a change

George is a fireman – you may be tempted to get into trouble knowing he’s coming to rescue you 🙂

I love the outfit choice: cool and casual, but so classy and elegant

The Best Man – let’s focus on him

I love shoes, but I’m definitely not the only one – ladies get inspired!

A true, sweet beauty

Courtney is a forensic scientist – more good looking than the ones on TV

The details make every wedding unique

“In the loving memory of Dr. Bob Etzemeiller… The best dad a girl could have” – so touching and personal

I capture this image during the ceremony – it says it all

When Island Harmony plans a wedding, the petal toss becomes a flower explosion

The weight of a bird and big muscles – game done

The sun glasses were a present for the guys, but they look great on the girls too

My favorite part of the day… a few minutes for the bride and groom only

Reception at Bay Bristo – delicious food as usual

A private dance floor for the first dance