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The Wedding of Marnie and Joe

If I only had one word to describe Marnie and Joe’s wedding I would certainly say “amazing”. The couple chose the best of the best to celebrate their union and we had a blast capturing the stunning locations, researched details, beautiful ceremony, family fun and, of course, the great couple.

Marnie and Joe do not love having their pictures taken and be the center of attention, but they certainly looked fabulous on their wedding day.

The night prior the wedding, Marnie and Joe hosted a fabulous dinner on the beach terrace of Mango Reef

There are a lot of beautiful villa in the Turks and Caicos – “Amazing Grace” truly stand up for its name

A special thank you to Eden and the staff of Nila Destinations for the great organization

An elegant dress….

…for a beautiful bride

While I was photographing Marnie, David was having fun with Joe and the boys

She may feel the “camera pressure” and avoid the spot light, but we certainly can’t tell!

I love the “snowy” effect of the blowing sand – a special thank you to Emily Hollinger at Penna Ink for designing the names and programs

After a few pictures with friends and family, it’s time for some romance

When the wind is blowing the best thing is to get close

A bird-eye view of the cocktail party…

…and dinner setting, perfectly catered by Kissing Fish

The first dance…

and then the “hora” – quite scaring while using folding chairs!