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The Wedding of Melissa and Bill

Would this life be fun if we would never break a rule on two? I have my doubts about it!!… and Melissa and Bill perfectly agree with me –  they met each other and started their relationship at work, they avoided the big wedding with hundreds of people, she went on a horse ride right before the ceremony and she literally “trashed the dress” when she threw her wedding dress into the trash as soon as the photo shoot was over (hard to believe but so true!!!).

It was such a pleasure meeting them and I’m smiling while writing about it – we had such a great time together!

Before heading to the ceremony site, I took a few pictures of Bill at Villa Mimosa

The preparation shots of the bride were cute, but the horse ride was my favorite part (a special thanks to Camille from Provo Ponies)

Leeward beach: secluded, pristine and just perfect

After a few pictures with the immediate family, it was time for a fashion / romantic shoot

Sure, the Turks and Caicos beaches are amazing, but we are talking about breaking the rules!

I LOVE the retro feel of this image

Yes, a baby is on the way :)I got soaked twice during this shoot – getting in the water was my last concern 😉

A “piece of grandma” on Melissa’ shoulder.

Melissa’s is so beautiful and photogenic! I had a blast photographing her with a signature fashion touch.

The sunset wasn’t very colorful but I accentuated it by underexposing my shot

No matter what I asked them, they never said no – GREAT!!!

Always looking for something new, I created this image by underexposing completely the background (there was still plenty of light) and adding a dramatic light on their faces

Many Congratulations and a big thanks to Melissa and Bill for letting me sharing their wedding.