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The Wedding of Stacie and Stephane

WOW! I have no other words to express how fabulous was Stacie and Stephane’s wedding. Mix an artist touch, personalized favors, a stunning setting, cowboys boots, jelly jars, vintage fabric, plenty of good humor, delightful music, perfect planning, amazing people, the Turks & Caicos magic, a lot of love and you may start to have an idea of this special event.

The Couple met on island while working at Club Med in 2003 and few months after it they moved in together… as they say, the rest is history in the making.

I have never seen so many details… Stacie is a great decorator and with Teresa’s help – Tropical Destinations Management – they managed to amaze everybody, groom included!

I like the feeling of this image… the half closed doors preserve the intimacy of this unique moment between mom and daughter

Here come the boys… and the great ring bearer, Pepper

It looks like a fairytale…

…with the perfect ending!

After the ceremony we headed to the beach for some pictures. Stacie and Stephane rocked their exit on board to his motorbike

Kellie capture this shot – I love it!

The yellow sandals that Stacie stained were very pretty but they didn’t make a statement like the boots!

Kissing Fish team catered the delicious dinner… the courtyard was set up and details were set up in no time – so efficient!

Stacie found a wonderful web site that helped her finalizing her checklist and I want to share it with you too: Project Wedding.

The “wishing tree” was one of my favorite idea

Ever considered to rock your first dance?!? They did, on the notes of “I believe in a thing call love” by The Darkness

A photo-boot is another great idea: the beautiful fabric and frame gave us the opportunity to drag all the guests there… and “miss-behave” 🙂

This slideshow is for all the curious people that want to see more images of this amazing wedding (please be patient while it uploads).

The second song “Crois-en l’amour” is by Patrick Norman (one of the most famous country singer in Quebec) – he was at the wedding and played a couple of songs for all of us

The Wedding of Stacie and Stephane from Brilliant by Tropical Imaging on Vimeo.