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The Wedding of Stephanie and Martin

12 years together, 2 gorgeous boys and thousands of wonderful life experiences lead to a magical day: their wedding. Stephanie and Martin left Montreal’s cold winter and chose the Turks and Caicos Islands to celebrate their union with the closest family members and friends.

Unfortunately Beaches Resort strict policy didn’t allow me to get on property and cover the preparation and ceremony shots, but it didn’t stop us to get wonderful pictures.

The couple looked fantastic and I we had a great time together

Stephanie and Martin were looking for a collection of original images, with a special vintage look


After a few more pictures with the all group, Stephanie, Martin and I took a trip around the island to capture their love with a Caribbean flare

I LOVE this one

Next stop Leeward beach

A touch of Photoshop for an old picture feel

There is so much feeling in this image – they love it and I do to!

Hier, deux coeurs… aujourd’hui, un couple uni par l’amour pour toujours.

Que la magie de l’amour resplendisse dans vos coeurs chaque jour de votre vie et fasse des annees a venir un eternel enchantement.