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Wendy and Michael’s Parrot Cay Elopement

Parrot cay elopement

We don’t hide the fact that Parrot Cay is a special place for us. As scuba divers 20 years ago we used to wonder and what the “mothballed” red roofed hotel nestled on the hill high above the beach was really like. Then several years ago Como hotels bought the island and turned it into what can only be called a magical place. Helping with Wendy and Michael’s Parrot Cay Elopement last week was yet again a fun visit to the island and a delight to help them with their special day.

We have to take a boat to get to and from the private island so “hot foot” from the shuttle boat I caught up with Wendy and Michael at their private villa. With the ceremony also at the villa with the beach a few short steps away and just the two of them it could not have been simpler and less stressful. Just an elegant celebration. I do have to admire Wendy’s willingness to walk close to the water in her stunning Vera Wang dress. The waves were a little “frisky” and caught both Michael and Wendy off guard a couple of times. No problem, no drams…just rinse your Vera Wang in the outdoor shower before dinner under the stars 😉

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