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Whitney and Joshua’s Wedding at Beaches Resort

Beaches resort turks and caicos

After a fabulous afternoon with Whitney and Joshua on their Trash the Dress shoot it was now time for their wedding at Beaches Resort.  We have a long history of helping couples with weddings at Beaches and with such immaculate grounds as a backdrop, helpful and attentive staff it’s always fun to go visit and shoot at this first class resort.

With Whitney at the spa getting her hair and makeup done I hung out with Joshua, Madeline and mum’s. Madeline sadly wasn’t feeling 100% and it was a close call if she was going to be OK for the wedding itself. A sick 3 year old is often inconsolable, but with a little “Advil” and coaxing from mom, she was soon jumping and having a blast! It’s moments like this that we stop being photographers and bring our own parenting  resources to the fore. Whilst shooting the dress, the mum’s, the preparations I made sure Madeline was entertained and getting used to having a photographer around. Its not something we can put on a “price or packages list”, but it’s a big part of how we can help the day go smoothly and get some great pictures too !!

Even thought this was a simple ceremony and wedding, Whitney and Joshua were so awesome and easy to work with. Whitney had brought along some great details, the shoes, the boards, the gifts for everyone and they also had a beautiful driftwood arch. The day flowed by and we soon found ourselves on the beach again with a perfect sunset. What a great day !

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