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A wild wedding party at Grace Bay Club

Gracebayclubwedding 0021

Nick and Kerry got married on December 14th at the gorgeous Grace Bay Club  What a party that was. So many things going on. There even was a last minute bridesmaid dress malfunction but with help of Willah from Grace  Bay Club and family members the problem was resolved in no time. Loved Kerry’s Jenny Packham  wedding dress. Kerry got the inspiration for her dress from The Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Kate wore this dress in teal at the London Olympic gala concert and Kerry knew she wanted that dress in white for her wedding. The reception was just one big party, lots of dancing going on in between the different courses and basically all night.  The dinner was amazing ,thanks to the Grace Bay Club kitchen. The whole event was perfectly organized by the wedding planner Luise from Nila Destinations together with Shameka from Grace Bay Club. At the end of the night not even the pool stayed safe for this wedding. Nick and Kerry for sure gave their guests a wedding to remember forever!Gracebayclubwedding_0001Gracebayclubwedding_0045                                                                   Flowers by Environmental ArtsGracebayclubwedding_0046

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Gracebayclubwedding_0047                                                                Make up by Ann from Max’s Salon

Gracebayclubwedding_0048Gracebayclubwedding_0049Gracebayclubwedding_0050Gracebayclubwedding_0051Gracebayclubwedding_0052Gracebayclubwedding_0053Gracebayclubwedding_0054                                                                Kerry could have not looked more beautiful, the perfect dressGracebayclubwedding_0055Gracebayclubwedding_0056Gracebayclubwedding_0057Gracebayclubwedding_0058Gracebayclubwedding_0085Gracebayclubwedding_0086Gracebayclubwedding_0087Gracebayclubwedding_0060Gracebayclubwedding_0062Gracebayclubwedding_0061Gracebayclubwedding_0063Gracebayclubwedding_0064Gracebayclubwedding_0065Gracebayclubwedding_0066Gracebayclubwedding_0067Gracebayclubwedding_0069Gracebayclubwedding_0070Gracebayclubwedding_0071Gracebayclubwedding_0072 Gracebayclubwedding_0089Gracebayclubwedding_0088Gracebayclubwedding_0074 Gracebayclubwedding_0090 Gracebayclubwedding_0075Gracebayclubwedding_0076                                                                 Night scene at Grace Bay Club Estates… magnificent

Gracebayclubwedding_0077Gracebayclubwedding_0078Gracebayclubwedding_0079                                                                The food was art on its ownGracebayclubwedding_0080Gracebayclubwedding_0091Gracebayclubwedding_0081Gracebayclubwedding_0082

You are out of luck if your husband is taller and wants to shorten the speeches