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Brady & Wlaa’s wedding at the Beach House

Turksandcaicos 4815

Brady and Wlaa’s Wedding was a wedding I was looking forward to photograph on July 4th at the Beach House Resort.

Unfortunately things didn’t start very well for me as the first day we were supposed to meet to chat about their coming wedding  I ended up in the hospital, but that didn’t stop me from being even more enthusiastic about photographing their  big destination wedding.

Brady and Wlaa had planned a wedding full of cool events with with a pretty big group from all over the USA.  I don’t think I remember ever seeing some many people partying and dancing on a wedding, everyone had a blast!

Their wedding ceremony took place on the beautiful Grace Bay beach and after the Maskanoo parade took everyone to the wedding reception.

Venue: Beach House Resort,  Flowers: Environmental Arts, Wedding Planner: Alex Foster, Make up: Thea Makeup Artistry,  DJ:  DJ Dayoh Wedding Cake: Annie Lee fromscratchtci

Here are some images from their wedding day….

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