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Engagement shoot in Blue Hills

Turksandcaicos 4062

Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to meet a fun, relaxed couple whose wedding I will be photographing next December 2015 at the Seven Stars Resort.

Inara and Daniel came to the Turks & Caicos for a very short visit to meet with some of the island wedding vendors and to enjoy a quick holiday before heading back home.

As part of their trip they had a meeting with us to discuss some of their wedding ceremony plans. We also took some engagement photos so they had some island memories to share of their trip.

For the photo shoot Inara, wanted to skip Grace Beach Beach and find a spot a bit more secluded with local flavor. We decided that the Blue Hills area was the perfect location for their shoot

Here are a few images from their shoot….

Turksandcaicos_4056 Turksandcaicos_4058 Turksandcaicos_4059 Turksandcaicos_4060 Turksandcaicos_4061 Turksandcaicos_4062 Turksandcaicos_4063 Turksandcaicos_4064 Turksandcaicos_4065 Turksandcaicos_4066 Turksandcaicos_4067 Turksandcaicos_4068 Turksandcaicos_4069 Turksandcaicos_4070 Turksandcaicos_4071 Turksandcaicos_4072 Turksandcaicos_4073 Turksandcaicos_4074 Turksandcaicos_4075 Turksandcaicos_4076 Turksandcaicos_4077 Turksandcaicos_4078 Turksandcaicos_4080 Turksandcaicos_4081