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Fun family shoot at the Tuscany Resort

Turksandcaicosportrait 015

We love capturing family shoots at the beach, especially when the kids just want to have fun playing with their parents and running around near the water.

About a week ago, I met with the DiSanto family at the beautiful resort of The Tuscany just an hour before sunset.

As it was still quite bright we decided to start by taking photos around the lush tropical gardens of the resort.

The super fun part was on the beach, where the family had a blast walking, running and playing in the sand until we ran out of sun light!

Here are some highlights from their family shoot at the Tuscany Resort….

Turksandcaicosportrait_001 Turksandcaicosportrait_002 Turksandcaicosportrait_003 Turksandcaicosportrait_004 Turksandcaicosportrait_005 Turksandcaicosportrait_006 Turksandcaicosportrait_007 Turksandcaicosportrait_008 Turksandcaicosportrait_009 Turksandcaicosportrait_010 Turksandcaicosportrait_011 Turksandcaicosportrait_012 Turksandcaicosportrait_013 Turksandcaicosportrait_014 Turksandcaicosportrait_015 Turksandcaicosportrait_016 Turksandcaicosportrait_017 Turksandcaicosportrait_018 Turksandcaicosportrait_019 Turksandcaicosportrait_020 Turksandcaicosportrait_021 Turksandcaicosportrait_022 Turksandcaicosportrait_023