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The Magnier family portrait at Point Grace

Turksandcaicos 3297

I last did a photo shoot with the Magnier family just a few months before their son Ludovic was born. During that shoot, I took some fun photos of Sylvie trying to hear her baby brother in her mum’s belly, without much success. Last week we met again for another family session and this time it was with the new family member, baby Ludovic. For this session we decided to meet at Point Grace. This little boutique resort located in Grace Bay has some beautiful gardens that are great for family photos before heading down to the beach. This session was particularly special because one set of grandparents were able to join in on the fun. We ended the afternoon near the beach dunes with a beautiful view of the sunset. Here are some images from their family session… Turksandcaicosfamilyshoo_3262 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3263 Turksandcaicos_3264 Turksandcaicos_3265Turksandcaicos_3267 Turksandcaicos_3268 Turksandcaicos_3269 Turksandcaicos_3270 Turksandcaicos_3271 Turksandcaicos_3272 Turksandcaicos_3273 Turksandcaicos_3274 Turksandcaicos_3275 Turksandcaicos_3276 Turksandcaicos_3277 Turksandcaicos_3278 Turksandcaicos_3279 Turksandcaicos_3280 Turksandcaicos_3296   Turksandcaicos_3281 Turksandcaicos_3282 Turksandcaicos_3283 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3284 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoo_3285 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3286 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3288 Turksandcaicos_3289 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3291 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3292 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoo_3293

Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_3297 Turksandcaicos_3294