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The Magnier Family portrait at Blue Haven Resort

Turksandcaicos 4637

The Magnier family is probably one of our favorite resident families that we photograph almost every year here in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Because we have done a few photos shoots with them over the years, it’s great to see their kids grow up and change, and to have the opportunity to capture a lifetime of memories.

I met with them a few weeks ago to do their photos again, but this time was very special as they were celebrating Pierre’s birthday with a huge party at Blue Heaven Resort.

Because the party was going to start early in the afternoon, we decided to do their family shoot at 3pm. This time of the day is usually very hot and bright at the beach, but Blue Haven Resort has some lovely shady areas that worked perfectly for us.  Toward the end of the photoshoot, we moved to the beach at the resort.

Here are a few images from the family session….

Magnier family Magnier family Turksandcaicos_4613 Magnier family Turksandcaicos_4615 Turksandcaicos_4616 Turksandcaicos_4617 Turksandcaicos_4618 Turksandcaicos_4619 Turksandcaicos_4620 Turksandcaicos_4621 Turksandcaicos_4622 Turksandcaicos_4623 Turksandcaicos_4624 Turksandcaicos_4625 Turksandcaicos_4626 Turksandcaicos_4627 Turksandcaicos_4628 Turksandcaicos_4629 Turksandcaicos_4630 Turksandcaicos_4631 Turksandcaicos_4632 Turksandcaicos_4633 Turksandcaicos_4634 Turksandcaicos_4635 Turksandcaicos_4636 Turksandcaicos_4637 Turksandcaicos_4638 Turksandcaicos_4639 Turksandcaicos_4640 Turksandcaicos_4641 Turksandcaicos_4642