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A fun Turks & Caicos family portrait

Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot 011

One of the many things I love about doing photo shoots here on the Turks & Caicos is that we get the chance to meet people from all over the world.

About a week I ago I had the pleasure to do a beach portrait session with a family from British Columbia.

The Modde family were staying at Beaches Turks & Caicos.  Because they wanted to get some photos taken outside their resort they decided to book one of our Beach Escape sessions.

During the two hour shoot we went to couple of my favorite spots to take photos here in Providenciales – Blue Hills and Sapodilla Bay.

The kids had a great time playing with conch shells, petting “potcakes” and running in the shallow waters of Sapodilla Bay beach.

Here are some images from their Turks & Caicos family shoot….


Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_001 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_002 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_003 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_004 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_005 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_006 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_007 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_008 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_009 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_010 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_011 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_012Turksandcaicos_3151 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_013 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_014 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_015 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_016 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_017 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_018 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_019 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_020 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_021 Turksandcaicosfamilyshoot_022