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A fun family afternoon at Point Grace.

Point grace

A fun family afternoon at Point Grace.

The holidays are always a time for families. Over the last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of helping the Magnier’s with two lovely family photo shoots. Both shoots were at the  Point Grace Resort & Spa  which is one of our favourite resorts.  This time we had Erica’s family and they wanted to spend a little more time at the beach, but we still did some photos around the beautiful gardens of Point Grace. The time at the resort gives the little ones time to relax and get to know us and get into the ‘groove” of having pictures taken. However having helped the Magniers with so many previous shoots – they almost feel like family anyway!

For the last thirty minutes before sunset we moved to Grace Bay beach where Sylvie and her brother Ludovic enjoyed playing and posing with their family.

Here are some images from their family session….

There is always something special about multigenerational pictures – cannot beat grandma with the grandson!

Turks and caicos_001 Turks and caicos_002 Point grace_003 Turksandcaicosportrait_004 Point grace_005 Turksandcaicosportrait_006

The whole family – love it.

Point grace_007 Turksandcaicosportrait_008 Turksandcaicosportrait_009 Point grace_010

Everybody needs a pair of red shiny shoes for the beach !

Turksandcaicosportrait_011 Turksandcaicosportrait_012 Turksandcaicosportrait_013 Turksandcaicosportrait_014 Turksandcaicosportrait_015 Turksandcaicosportrait_016 Turksandcaicosportrait_017 Turksandcaicosportrait_018 Turksandcaicosportrait_019 Turksandcaicosportrait_020 Turksandcaicosportrait_021 Turksandcaicosportrait_022 Turksandcaicosportrait_023 Turksandcaicosportrait_024 Turksandcaicosportrait_025 Turksandcaicosportrait_026 Turksandcaicosportrait_027 Turksandcaicosportrait_028 Turksandcaicosportrait_029 Turksandcaicosportrait_030 Turksandcaicosportrait_032 Turksandcaicosportrait_033 Turksandcaicosportrait_034 Turksandcaicosportrait_035 Turksandcaicosportrait_036 Turksandcaicosportrait_037